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Why Buy Local


Buy Local?

Buying your first aid products from Chariot has it’s many advantages – find out why….

  • CREATING LOCAL JOBS-Small local businesses are actually the largest employer nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities. Local employers are also more likely to offer a higher average wage than big chains. By supporting local business, local jobs are made available creating a healthy economy for the community as well as reducing the need to commute meaning less traffic and pollution.
  • THE LOCAL ECONOMY-Local businesses are the backbone of our economy! To ensure a strong and sustainable local economy, the process needs to go full circle: people need to buy locally for businesses to put back into the local community. Circulating the money allows the local community to thrive.
  • LOCAL DEALS TO SAVE YOU MONEY-Through supporting your local businesses, you are actually helping to support local entrepreneurs, allowing them to get their foot in the door. They also give something back to the community and can tend to offer better deals than larger chains on the things you actually want.
  • LOCAL BUSINESSES PAY TAX-Local businesses pay corporation tax to the government, rent for their premises and council tax to the local council. Their employees pay income tax, national insurance and much more. This is directly putting circulation of money back into the local area.
  • HEALTHY COMPETITION-The reason local companies have such great and competitive prices is thanks to healthy competition. A marketplace of thousands of small businesses is the most reliable way to ensure innovation and low prices over a long-term period
  • THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE-Although many chain businesses have a good customer service, you cannot beat the personal touch of a local owner, who often hires people with more specific product expertise to be able to make recommendations, give advice and overall provide a better customer service.
  • CREATING AN IDENTITY-Supporting local business over large international organisations is somewhat a British tradition as they are run by local people who know the area well, add a natural authenticity to the community and tend to respond to customer’s needs in a more efficient and flexible manner.
  • LOCAL BUSINESS SUPPORTS LOCAL CHARITIES-Buying locally means you are supporting your own community in more ways than you think, with many local businesses supporting charities that are particularly relevant to your area. By shopping locally, you are helping to increase the number of local donations to charities local to you.
  • HELPS TO BUILD LOCAL COMMUNITIES-A local area filled with an array of unique, vibrant shops will attract more tourism and help to make a community more popular and a financially healthier area in which to live and work. Local businesses owned by local people, who live in the community, are less likely to leave and are more invested in the community’s welfare and future.
  • HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT-Choosing to support local businesses has a positive impact on the environment. Chariot Education is based centrally to Manchester’s educational network and can supply first aid products and much more via ZERO emission electric vehicles to help reduce your carbon footprint.