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First Aid Kits

A wide range of First Aid Kits
Available to order online.
Suitable for any workplace
or personal use.
Our First Aid Kits contains
everything you might need
in case of any emergency
in the workplace or school.
Available in different sizes
to better suit your needs.
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First Aid For Eyes

Essential first aid in case
of emergencies. Wide range of
eye wash solutions for eyes safety.
The sterile solution contains only
purified water and sodium chloride
0.9% making it ideal for eye
injuries and other wounds
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First Aid Kits

Full of all the recommended HSE first aid components

Biohazard & Sharps Disposal

Disposal Kits for a safe way to clean up

Hygiene & Personal Protection

Lip Balm, Nit Combs and Swimming Socks

Support and Mobility

Padded supports of all your joints

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